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Decoupage 🎄 bauble, medallion with a couple in love 💝🎄 #itdcollection # DIY tutorial...


✔ rice paper for decoupagerice (papier ryżowy do decoupage) 🤍 ✔ template (szablon) 🤍 ✔ medallion, plastic bauble (medalion, bombka plastikowa) 🤍 ✔ bonding primer (primer) 🤍 ✔ decoupage glue (klej) 🤍 🤍 ✔ fineline crackle varnish (spękacz dwuskładnikowy) 🤍 ✔ clear varnish gloss (lakier rozpuszczalnikowy) 🤍 ✔ acrylic paint (farba akrylowa) 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 ✔ wax, patyna (woski,patyny) 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 ✔ light modeling mass (masa superlekka) 🤍 ✔ silicone mold, cords(forma silikonowa, sznury) 🤍 FB:🤍 FB:GROUP:🤍 INSTAGRAM:🤍 🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼 Muzyka INOSSI Słuchaj: Oglądaj:

Decoupage 💕 container 💓roses 💓lovers #cadence , DIY tutorial...


✔ MDF container (pojemnik) 🤍 ✔ rice paper for decoupage (papier ryżowy do decoupage) 🤍 ✔ decoupage glue (klej do decoupage) 🤍 ✔ tacky craft glue (klej) 🤍 ✔ primer 🤍 ✔ flexible relief paste (elastyczna pasta reliefowa) 🤍 ✔ aging paste (pasta postarzajaca ) 🤍 ✔ varnish spray (lakier w sprayu) 🤍 ✔ crackle varnish (lakier do spękań) 🤍 ✔ acrylic paints (farby akrylowe) 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 FB:🤍 FB:GROUP:🤍 INSTAGRAM:🤍 🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼 Muzyka Atch SoundCloud: Spotify: Instagram: 🤍

Decoupage 🥚 egg ❤ lovers #ITDCollection 🥚 DIY tutorial...


❤ rice paper for decoupage (papier ryżowy do decoupage) 🤍 ❤ plastic egg (plastikowe jajko) 🤍 ❤ acrylic paint (farba akrylowa) 🤍 ❤ decoupage varnish & glue (klej z werniksem) 🤍 ❤ fineline crackle varnish (lakier do spękań dwuskładnikowy) 🤍 ❤ antique paste (pasta antyczna) 🤍 ❤ light modeling paste (lekka pasta modelująca) 🤍 ❤ glue magic (klej) 🤍 ❤ light modeling mass (masa superlekka) 🤍 ❤ clear varnish gloss (lakier rozpuszczalnikowy) 🤍 ❤ patina 🤍 ❤ wax paste (pasta woskowa) 🤍 FB:🤍 FB:GROUP:🤍 INSTAGRAM:🤍 🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼 Muzyka INOSSI Słuchaj: Oglądaj:

Shabby Chic Upcycled decorative bottle. Decoupage Tutorial


*OPEN ME* LINKS DOWN BELOW Hello Lovelies ! In this video I will show you how to upcycle a bottle in a shabby chic style. I hope you will enjoy this video and please leave any comments, questions or suggestions that you have in the comment section below! If you enjoy this video, and find it helpful, please share it with your friends! For the beautiful rice papers, please check this link 🤍?aff=6 With Love, Iuliana 🤍Love_Shabby_Chic My social media links You can find amazing products here: 🤍 For the beautiful rice papers, please check this link 🤍?aff=6

Decoupage tutorial live live


Just kicking back having really good fun using my very own decoupage paper monastery Pannell Brand-name posh chalk interiors the house of Mendes range I do apologise about the reception throughout this live but I hope you get the gist… #chalkpaint #chalkpaintedfurniture #furnitureflip #anniesloan #furnitureflipping #furnitureupcycle #homedecor #decoupage #DecoupageFurniture #MadeItMyOwn

Decoupage DIY a Dollar Tree ❤️ “LOVE SIGN” with a paper napkin | Easy iron-on technique | Nice Gift!


Here’s another quick and easy decoupage DIY I am so excited to share with you! In this DIY I’ll be decoupaging on a sign I found at The Dollar Tree using the ‘iron-on’ method. With this method you’ll learn how fun and easy it is to adhere a pretty paper napkin to the “Love” sign. I will also be combining a couple other items to complete this project that I also found at The Dollar Tree! You will be creating beautiful wooden signs with paper napkins in no time! You’ll need some decorative napkins, I got mine from Vippies Designs (🤍 From The Dollar Tree I got the “LOVE” sign, the heart doorknob hanger with the bells, baking parchment paper and the reindeer moss. The other items you probably already in your crafting stash like white chalk paint, brushes, a small silk flower, glue gun, nail file and Mod Podge decoupage glue. You’ll also need a craft or household iron to do the ‘iron-on’ technique! I’ll show you the new CRICUT crafting iron that has replaced my household iron. If you can not find the “LOVE” sign at The Dollar Store you can probably find something similar in the large craft and hobby stores. I hope you find my video enjoyable and inspirational and give my video a thumbs up! Please subscribe to my youtube channel and hit the little notification bell so you will get notifications whenever I upload a be new video! Please share my video with your crafting friends and I always look forward to your comments! Thanks for decoupaging with me! Joan-Marie Domino Do you want to see more? Join my Facebook group Decoupage DIY with Joan-Marie Domino 🤍 Decorative napkins can be purchased at: 🤍 Here is a list of other products you can purchase thru the links below. When you purchase thru these links I will receive a small percentage of the sale with no additional cost to you! I use this money for making more crafting decoupage diy videos! I appreciate your consideration to purchase thru these links. These are only products that I commonly use myself and nothing more. Thank you! Cricut small crafting iron: 🤍 Waverly White chalk paint: 🤍 Sponge pouncers for painting: 🤍 Craft fingertip protectors: 🤍 Reindeer moss: 🤍 Decoupage with Joan-Marie Domino Please subscribe! 🤍 *Decoupage ROCK-it Girls Facebook: 🤍 *Vippie’s Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

How to use paper napkins as decoupage furniture flip


How to use paper napkins as decoupage furniture flip How to use paper napkins as decoupage furniture flip This tutorial is jampacked from application of paper napkins through to chalk paint finishes like contour blending, and how to embed your floral image into your piece of furniture seamlessly in a creative way. You will see me here mixing assortment of chalk paint colours to extend the pattern and make it truly look like an old watercolour painting in a distressed way. I hope I hope for you to enjoy this lengthy tutorial and take away certain elements and make them your own if I’m new here please subscribe and hit the notifications bell for future projects and don’t forget to share any of my tutorials to help me on my journey. Timestamps 00:00-Intro 1:08-Preparation 2:16-Painting the base coat 7:15-Create a blended effect Contouring 19:15-Choosing your Decoupage napkin 22:10-Preparation of paper Napkin 23:50-Application of decoupage napkin 37:20-Problem-solving Fit mistake 39:50-Painting around Decoupage be creative 46:15-Painting over decoupage Create a more moulded look 1:01:30-Flyspeck create some speckles 1:04:40 Protective coating finish the project and results #chalkpaintedfurniture #anniesloan #chalkpaint #furnitureflip #furnitureupcycle ##diy #diyfurniture #decoupage #blendedfurniture

How to use decoupage on the reverse side of glass,DIY furniture flip.


In today’s tutorial I am on a fact-finding mission using decoupage the reverse side of glass to create my very own chinoiserie style project, there are also a couple of brand-new products to me one of which is a company called Polyonlay Who create superthin appliqués for furniture and craft projects. All in all I think the whole process turned out pretty well it ran kind of quite smoothly so I’m hoping you all will enjoy the tutorial and maybe take away one or two Ideas for your future projects. #decoupage #furnitureflip #chalkpaint #AnnieSloanSatinPaint #anniesloan #furnitureupcycle #homedecor #furniture #chalkpaintedfurniture #furnitureflipping #GlassDecoupage

Decoupage 🎄 bauble, medallion with a girl #ITDCollection 🎄 DIY tutorial...


❄ plastic bauble (bombka plastikowa) : 🤍 ❄ rice paper for decoupage (papier ryżowy do decoupage): 🤍 ❄🎨 acrylic paints (farby akrylowe): 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 ❄ decoupage varnish & glie (klej z werniksem) : 🤍 ❄ fineline crackle varnish (spękania dwuskładnikowe): 🤍 ❄ antique paste (pasta antyczna): 🤍 ❄ porporina : 🤍 ❄ clear varnish gloss (lakier połysk rozpuszczalnikowy): 🤍 ❄ contour liner transparent (konturówka): 🤍 ❄ silicone mold (foremka silikonowa): 🤍 ❄ light modeling mass (masa superlekka): 🤍 ❄ tacky craft glue (klej): 🤍 FB:🤍 FB:GRUP:🤍 INSTAGRAM:🤍 🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼 Muzyka : Roa - Winter Magic Watch : Stream / Download : Licencja : ‐- Muzyka : 🤍

Técnicas nuevas para hacer decoupage- decoupage con 🔥 y con pegamento en barra- colab Conideade


Decoupage con pegamento en barra y decoupage con fuego Tienda online de material de manualidades Conideade: 🤍 Código de descuento del 5% en compras superiores a 20€: GAYouTConideade Servilleta decorativas: 🤍 Love: 🤍 Pegamento en barra: 🤍 Pintura a la tiza: 🤍 Barniz poliuretano: 🤍

First glimpse at my brand-new decoupage paper Collab with Posh Chalk deluxe decoupage papers.


Check out my new decoupage papers this one is called dark mollis All of these papers are a collaboration with Posh Chalk Interiors, I am so super excited about this collaboration there is 12 papers completely unique from myself I’ll be doing a live In the next few days explaining and showcasing all of the papers hope you enjoyed the project.

LOVE to Decoupage everything!!! #shorts


#shorts #diy #decoupage



Hai Guys... Di video kali ini aku menunjukkan tutorial bagaimana menempel kan tissue decoupge di media kaca, dan kali ini aku akan mengambil contoh tempat lilin. Selamat mencoba ya... Untuk produk scarlet kalian bisa order di IG 🤍scarlett_whitening. Come to our galery at : Gallery Totool Lovers Jl. Ciwulan Timur no. 94 (Belakang Bank BRI) Malang Cek koleksi kami di IG 🤍loversleopard 🤍 atau 🤍totool.lovers 🤍 Dan jangan lupa like TOTOOL LOVERS di FACEBOOK FANSPAGE: Leopard Loverss 🤍 #galerytotoollovers #koleksileopard #leopardstuff #leopardlovers #leopardcollection #skincareroutine #decoupage #tutorialdecoupage #scarlett

🏵Box ,beautiful love , 3D flowers 🏵#decoupage #itdcollection 🏵


✔ rice paper for decoupage (papier ryżowy do decoupage) 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 ✔ wooden box (drewniane pudełko) 🤍 ✔ acrylic paint (farba akrylowa) 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 ✔ rust effect (farby efekt rdzy) 🤍 ✔ glue (klej) 🤍 🤍 ✔ vintage effect medium (efekt zadrapań ) 🤍 ✔ matte varnish (lakier matowy) 🤍 ✔ heavy body gel (pasta żelowa) 🤍 ✔ light modeling mass (masa superlekka) 🤍 ✔ silicone mold (foremka sylikonowa) 🤍 FB:🤍 FB:GROUP:🤍 INSTAGRAM:🤍 🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼 Muzyka INOSSI Słuchaj: Oglądaj:

The Craft Minute with DecoArt®: Prevent decoupage wrinkles


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DIY Fabric Decoupage furniture makeover using Chalk Paint and vintage fabric.


Fabric furniture decoupage… in this tutorial you will see me using cotton fabric to decoupage a vintage wardrobe, fabric makes a beautiful transformation when working with decoupage on furniture, so many different styles and patterns and the results can be staggering of course there are many different ways to use decoupage with furniture but this is one of the ways that you can get instant bold results from vintage fabrics even old bedding or curtains that have no use anymore the possibilities are endless I hope you enjoy this tutorial and takeaway some inspiration to give this a go and make it your own. #anniesloan #chalkpaintedfurniture #chalkpaint #furnitureflip #furnitureupcycle #homedecor #decoupage #furniture #FurnitureDecoupage

Decoupage Vintage Medallion DIY crafts Ideas Serviettentechnik


Decoupage on Plastic medallion Plexiglass medallion 11 cm - KMED11 🤍 Rice paper 21317 - 🤍 Primer for plexiglass 121547 - 🤍 Glue for decoupage CPLUS - 🤍 Acrylic paint C0120 - 🤍 Acrylic paint C0355 - 🤍 Padico Hearty Soft Clay 303123 🤍 Silicone mold 271820 🤍 Silicone mold 271535 🤍 Silicone mold 271449 🤍 Silicone mold 280370 🤍 Varnish Gloss Kadl1 - 🤍 Fineline Crackle Varnish CAD149 - 🤍 Paste Patina White 3865 - 🤍 Paste Patina Umber CL006 🤍 Crocodile Crackle Mink C1022 🤍 Solvent based varnish 35112 - 🤍 Patina Antique Powder C708 🤍 Glue 19831 🤍 Hook for ball 02gf4 - 🤍 Rhinestones Pearl Chain 50121 🤍

Shabby Chic wall Plaque. Decoupage Tutorial with CiaoBella Paper


Hello lovelies, In this video I am showing you how to decorate a mdf in a shabby chic style, using Ciao Bella rice paper ,mouldings , Redesign transfer, Pentart paints and love :) If you enjoy this video, and find it helpful, please share it with your friends! With Love, Iuliana 🤍Love_Shabby_Chic My social media links You can find beautiful mouldings here: for UK- 🤍 For US 🤍 With Love, Iuliana

Decoupage techniques: make the edges correctly.


When you make a decoupage on the entire surface of the workpiece, it is important to properly process the edges - glue the napkin so that it goes beyond the edges, but do not glue the excess. Dry up. In a dry state, remove excess pieces of the napkin with sandpaper. Full video tutorial here 🤍 _ Коли ви робити декупаж на всю поверхню заготовки, то важливо правильно обробити края - приклеїти серветку так, щоб вона вийшла за краї, але зайві не приклеювати. Висушити. В сухому стані зайві шматочки серветки зняти наждачним папером.



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Decoupage on Bottle #diywithkanchan #diy #shortvideo #art #decoupage #bottlecraft


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How to use rice paper decoupage, and chalk paint for a seamless furniture project.


One of my favourite decoupage papers to use on furniture project is rice paper. In today’s tutorial you will see me using posh chalk, deluxe, decoupage, paper, and chalk paint to create a seamless project.  This tutorial is probably one of my longest to date. It’s just over two hours long, but it is jampacked full of information on how to tackle your project from preparation to application of rice, paper hand, painting over and around the image, creating a seamless full image.  Also, I will be covering off the difficulties along the way in using decoupage over drawer fronts.  And around sharp corners, there will be many other handy hints along the way, including creating a chalk paint crackle just from chalk paint. Also you will find me using gold leaf.  So if you’re a Furniture Painter or a beginner, I hope everything you find in my tutorial will help you along in your future projects  and don’t forget  I have a wonderful warm engaging community here on my channel, anything that I may have missed off in this very long to our tutorial pop it in the comments. I’ll do my best to come back to you with any answers but if not, I’m sure there will be somebody here on the channel that will be glad to share their knowledge with all of us. Happy painting.  #chalkpaintedfurniture #chalkpaint #anniesloan #decoupage#DecoupageFurniture #RicePaper  #furnitureflipping #diyhome #hand-painted furniture  #FurnitureFlip #diyhacks

Decoupage Made Easy with This New Decoupage Paper - Perfect for ADHD Urgency! #decoupagefurniture


This new decoupage paper makes up for my adhd urgency and that is why it rocks! I stopped using regular decoupage paper because I would move too fast and end up ripping the paper. No more my friends no more. A new sueper shifter transformation!! Hi Folks, Tanglewood Sue here. I go LIVE on FB and TT twice a week and post them here for you to follow along in our furniture painting adventure. 💬 Let me know what you think of this Video in the comment section below. 👉 I appreciate every thumbs up and would love if you’d consider subscribing to the channel!! subscribe 🤍 🛒 Get all the supplies here: 🤍 See all my links and freebies here : ✅ Want more in-depth tutorials by Tanglewood Sue? Click here: 🤍 🛍 Find my curated Amazon lists right here: 🤍 Thanks for Watching! 🎥 Welcome to the official YouTube Channel of Tanglewood Sue, the home of all things furniture flipping! 🎨 🪑 Weaving crazy stories and art together to the delight of her loyal fans, it’s Sue’s mission to share all of her favorite tips and tricks when it comes to painting furniture. ➡️ Featuring tons of tutorials and demonstrations, Tanglewood Sue is the ultimate resource for beginners and professionals alike. Whether you’re learning how to paint furniture for the first time, or are looking to maximize your output, this channel is full of inspiration. 🪴 Start your furniture makeover today when you subscribe to Tanglewood Sue’s channel and enjoy endless episodes of creative content. 🎬 Definitely subscribe to our channel and hit the bell to never miss a Video 🔔 👍 Let’s Connect! Follow Tanglewood Sue on your favorite Social Media Instagram ➡️ 🤍 Pinterest ➡️ 🤍 TikTok ➡️ 🤍 Facebook ➡️ 🤍 🌐 Visit our Website and Online Store: 🤍 📧 Contact us anytime: sue🤍 YES, We ship!! 📦 ✨ Don’t forget to subscribe to the Channel! 🤍 #TanglewoodSue #chartreuse #chalkpaint #decoupagefurniture #decoupage #decoupagepaper #decoupageart

Decorating old bottles using decoupage | DIY Vase from Old Bottles | Decoupage on Bottles #Shorts


The video shows the use of a technique called decoupage. The bottles used were actually verka milk bottles. Please note to add a final layer of modge podge on the bottles after the 3D outliner has also dried. Link for ordering decoupage paper and modge podge will be in the stories today. Products: Fevicryl Modge Podge: 🤍 Acrylic Paints: 🤍 Foam Brushes / Sponge Dabber: 🤍 Paint Brushes: 🤍 Decoupage Tissues: 🤍 3 D Outliner: 🤍 🌸💚🌸💚🌸💚🌸💚🌸💚🌸💚🌸💚🌸💚🌸💚🌸💚🌸💚🌸💚🌸💚🌸💚🌸 Website: Instagram: 🌸💚🌸💚🌸💚🌸💚🌸💚🌸💚🌸💚🌸💚🌸💚🌸💚🌸💚🌸💚🌸💚🌸💚🌸 For Business Enquiries Please Contact: Email: chetna🤍 🌸💚🌸💚🌸💚🌸💚🌸💚🌸💚🌸💚🌸💚🌸💚🌸💚🌸💚🌸💚🌸💚🌸💚🌸 Other videos on the channel: Decorating Garden Pots using decoupage: 🤍 Decor using Pine Cone : 🤍 DIY Fairy Garden : 🤍 DIY Christmas Lanterns : 🤍

Decoupage with Vintage style


art Decoupage decoration acrylic paint

Vintage Style Wall plaque- Decoupage Tutorial


OPEN ME* LINKS DOWN BELOW Hello Lovelies ! In this video I will show you how to create a vintage style wall plaque, using Decoupage Queen rice paper, clay, patinas, and passion :) I hope you will enjoy this video and please leave any comments, questions or suggestions that you have in the comment section below! If you enjoy this video, and find it helpful, please share it with your friends! With Love, Iuliana 🤍Love_Shabby_Chic My social media links For the beautiful rice papers, please check this link 🤍?aff=6

Decoupage bottle art


Get the hand-painted look using decoupage and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.


In this furniture painting tutorial you will find many techniques using chalk paint découpage dark wax crackle treatments and a few other hidden secrets. Hopefully you’ll come away with a little bit of knowledge and just how to get that very Authentic Victorian hand-painted floral table. I hope you enjoy it you might want to grab a cup of tea It is truly a Long Furniture painting tutorial. And I’m sure I will have missed some information so please feel free to drop me any comments I will do my best to come back with answers. Don’t forget to share with me on my other platforms your project I always love to see How I might have inspired happy painting. #chalkpaint #chalkpaintedfurniture #paintedfurniture #furnitureflip #decoupage #anniesloan #furniturerestoration #paintingtutorial #paintingvideo #paintingfurniture #homedecor #homesweethome #housedesign

Best Napkin Decoupage DIY for Beginners 2019


Napkin Decoupage glue 🤍 varnish satin 🤍 starlight varnish 🤍 napkins * Peony 🤍 napkins peacock 🤍 brush set 🤍 6 X 6 canvas 🤍 wood plaque 🤍



~Hello to all our followers. We have prepared a beautiful heart-shaped box for you. We haven't done anything like this for a long time, so we really hope you like it. The combination of black and red really gave her the elegance that many will adore. Subscribe to our channel for many more interesting tutorials. Thank you. ~Hola a todos nuestros seguidores. Hemos preparado una hermosa caja en forma de corazón para ti. No hemos hecho algo así en mucho tiempo, así que realmente esperamos que les guste. La combinación de negro y rojo realmente le dio la elegancia que muchos adorarán. Suscríbase a nuestro canal para obtener muchos más tutoriales interesantes. Gracias. ~Pozdrav svim našim pratiteljima. Pripremili smo za vas jednu prelijepu kutiju u obliku srca. Dugo nismo radile ovako nešto, pa se zaista nadamo da će vam se svidjeti. Kombinacija crne i crvene zaista joj je dala elegantnost koju će mnogi obožavati. Pretplatite se na naš kanal za još mnogo zanimljivih tutorijala. Hvala. Facebook page: 🤍 Instagram page: 🤍

Decoupage: Why a White Base is KEY! #Decoupage


Decoupage is a popular crafting technique that involves decorating objects by pasting paper or fabric onto them and then coating them with a protective sealant. A white base is often used as the foundation for decoupage projects, and there are several reasons why it's considered essential. Firstly, a white base provides a neutral background that allows the colors and patterns of the paper or fabric to stand out. This is particularly important if you're using bright or busy prints, as a colored or patterned base could clash with the design. Finally, a white base can help to enhance the brightness and vibrancy of the colors in the design. This is because white reflects light and makes colors appear more vivid, whereas a colored base could make the colors appear dull or muted. Overall, using a white base is a key element of successful decoupage projects, as it helps to create a visually appealing and professional-looking finished product. Full Video Decoupage | Back To Basics Ep. 1 🤍 If you recreate my work, I would love to see it, and please remember to give credit to the original artist. Thank you! A tiny bit about myself: Hi, my name is Ivelisse. I've been artistic and creative my whole life. Unfortunately, it wasn't an easy one. I'm a survivor of many trials and tribulations. It caused me to develop serious mental health issues. I was self-medicating by using drugs and alcohol for over twenty years. On August 1st, 2014, I threw myself at the mercy of the Lord and prayed to God to save me. I asked God to forgive me for all my sins, and I forgave everyone who ever hurt me. I've been sober and clean ever since. Glory be to God! I started my walk with Christ along with my health and fitness Journey, and soon after, I found myself itching to get back to my passion, my art! But: I didn't just want to do it for myself. I wanted to share what God blessed me with and did for me and the joy He brings me to others. Not long after, I created my YouTube channel, DIY No Need To Cry! I took the bottles that were killing me and turned them into art. With each piece I make, I replace a bad memory and create new ones with all of you! Welcome to the crafty fam! God bless you all! Business Inquiries ONLY Email: diynoneedtocry🤍 Follow me: My Instagram: 🤍 My Twitter: 🤍 My Facebook: 🤍 #Decoupage #DecoupageTutorial #DecoupageTip *NO PERSON OR PARTY HAS PERMISSION TO DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO, AND RE-UPLOAD IT IN A COMPLETE OR ALTERED STATE

Love Lucy: Decoupage


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