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How to write?

You think you write great texts but the boss thinks differently? Or maybe you just want to be a copywriter and you do not know what to pay particular attention to? Here are some tips that may be obvious to proffessionals, but even they sometimes forget about them.

Today’s airline e-commerce

Today's airline e-commerce There are a few factors which determine how advanced an airline is in digital world: adoption and use of e-commerce. Let's look how today's e-commerce look like! Taxes & growing customers expectations. This is what we believe never ends;)...

Facebook groups: new possibilities

Facebook groups: new possibilities for your brand   Facebook was putting new tools to groups like application questions, discussion topics and introductory notes. Nowadays pages are going to be allowed to post withing groups and link to these groups directly from...

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Using proprietary research tools,  social listening and data platforms,  Market Forces offers high quality analytics that are easy to understand and use for your high performance marketing.


Market Forces strategy team uses  author’s process to prepare product/brand strategy as well as micro-strategies like social media strategy or customer service strategy.


Market Forces combines the power of storytelling with the creative use of technology to inspire people and motivate their behavior. Simply we create, distribute, measure and optimize.


Market Forces design, develop and deploy owned and earned platforms in order to support e-commerce, content and consumer-engagement. From your website through social media to big ecommerce.