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analytics & audit

Using proprietary research tools,  social listening and data platforms,  Market Forces offers high quality analytics that are easy to understand and use for your high performance marketing.


Market Forces strategy team uses  author’s process to prepare product/brand strategy as well as micro-strategies like social media strategy or customer service strategy.


Market Forces combines the power of storytelling with the creative use of technology to inspire people and motivate their behavior. Simply we create, distribute, measure and optimize.


Market Forces design, develop and deploy owned and earned platforms in order to support e-commerce, content and consumer-engagement. From your website through social media to big ecommerce.

popular services

social customer care

content marketing

UX & web design

ePR & social listening


what our Clients are saying

My account from Market Forces shares her advices easily, always ready to help and go beyond her working duties. I could learn from her a lot and enjoyed the professional exchange!

client, finance branch

The work with Market Forces is pure pleasure. The whole team have competence allowing for the work at the highest level, besides there are an extremely nice people with which you want to spend time. I am congratulating everyone which will be working with Market Forces!

client, beauty branch

I sincerely recommend every cooperation and coworking with Market Forces – group of truly reliable persons, who can effectively achieve any business objective.

client, toursit branch

My friends from Market Forces are the biggest experts in social medias I know. Very experienced and knowledgeable, but also just great people to work with!

client, military/tactical branch

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